Arhitekts KASPARS BRAMANIS 16.06.1978.


2003 - 2023     Courses and seminaries to improve professional skills
2006     Certificate of Architect practice Nr.10 – 1055 (The LATVIA Association of Architects), according to LVS EN ISO/IEC 17024 allows to design all kind of architectural projects in Latvia and abroad
2003     Riga Technical University, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning Studies of Master degree
2002     Riga Technical University, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning Diploma of Professional Architect


2023/05     2023/05 SIA OPENSPACE architects became a member of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
2019/06     Competition. Residential building proposal. Marupe. 
2019/03     Submission of The Latvian Buildings Award 2019 in the nomination of Private houses
2018/03     Submission of The Latvian Architecture Award 2018 in the nomination of Private houses
2015/12     Competition. Residential and office building proposal. Riga, Talsu street 7a
2014/06     Competition. Residential and office building proposal. Riga. 2ST prize
2008/03     Competition. Residential and office building proposal. Riga. 1ST prize
2007/01     Competition. Residential and office building proposal. Riga. 1ST prize
2006/05     Competition. Residential and office building proposal. Riga. 1ST prize
2006/02     Competition. Residential and office building proposal. Riga. 1ST prize
2005/11     Competition. Residential and office building proposal. Riga. 3ST prize
2005/05     Competition. Rehabilitation centre building proposal. Jurmala. 1ST prize
2005/02     Competition. Residential and office building proposal. Riga. Divided 1ST prize
2004/03     Competition. Residential and office building proposal. Riga. 1ST prize
2004/03     Competition. Residential and office building proposal. Riga. 1ST prize

2002     Riga Technical University Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning Prize of Guntis Bole  for outstanding success in studies of architecture
2002     Socrates/Erasmus grant in international exchange program for foreign students for studies in Universidad Politecnica de Valencia in Spain
2001     Architecture contest “Architecture Project of the Local Government Library” (the 1ST prize)

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 2010-2018 Architect's office OPENSPACE Ltd. / Board member, leading architect

2023/10     Reconstruction of the private house. Riga, Volguntes s street 9
2023/10     Reconstruction of the private house. Riga, Bauskas street 136

2023/09     Reconstruction of the private house. Ventspils, Kronu street 34

2023/09     Reconstruction of the private house. Madonas region, Sausnejas parishts, "Dimanti1"

2023/09     Private house. Riga,  "Juglas ciems"

2023/09     Facade renovation. Riga, Brivibas ssrteet 186

2023/06     Facade renovation. Riga, Ganibu dambis 10a

2023/03     Office building SIA FORUMS replanning proposal. Riga, Balta street 1b
2022/10     Savrupmājas jaunbūve. Riga, Kalmju street 34.
2022/06     Reconstruction of the residental building. Cēsu region, Kaives parish, "Dzirnavas"

2022/05     Reconstruction of the residential building into a guest house. Ogres rajons, Madlienas pagasts, "Cīruļi"
2022/05     Reconstruction of the residental building. Riga, Brivibas street 249a

2022/04     Reconstruction of the residental building . Riga, Kr.Barona street 112
2022/03     Reconstruction of the production plant and warehouse STIGA RM, Kuldiga, Meistaru street 1
2022/02     Replanning of the hall into an office. Riga, K.Ulmana gatve 1
2022/01     Residential building proposal. Riga, Brailas street 23

2021/08     Private house reconstruction . Riga, Rojas street 15

2021/07     Private house. Sigulda, Cielavu street 2a

2021/05     Reconstruction of office building . Riga, Starta iela 6b

2021/03     Private house. Varves parish, Varve, "Rozlejas"

2021/01     Private house reconstruction. Riga, Stabu iela 66

2021/01     Replanning of the commercial premises on the 1st floor of the building. Jurmala, Asaru prospekts 14

2020/10     Residential building development proposal. Riga, Volguntes street.
2020/09     Private house. Region of Riga, parish of Salas, "Bortini"
2020/08     Private house reconstruction. Riga, Pildas street 27
2020/03     Facade renovation. Dobele, Viesturu street 6
2020/02     Reconstruction of the hotel building. Riga, Dzirnavu street 59.
2019/09     Reconstruction of the hotel building. Jurmala, Dubultu prospekts 5.
2019/06     Competition. Complex of residential buildings. Riga. Marupe, Gaujas street 5a,b,c
2019/05     Renovation of Dailes theatre building. Riga, Brivibas street 75
2019/03     Reconstruction of the health building. Riga, Vecmilgravja 5.linija 26a
2018/10     Residental houses. Sketch proposal. Riga, Kipsala
2018/09     Reconstruction of the residental building. Rīga, Marijas street 6
2018/02     Private house reconstruction. Tecnical project BP. Riga, Stabu street 66
2018/01     Reconstruction of office building. Tecnical project BP. Riga, Marijas street 13, k-1
2018/01     Reconstruction of an apartment building into an office building. Tecnical project BP. Riga, Dzirnavu street 84
2017/10     Exclusive apartment reconstruction. Tecnical project BP. Jurmala, Bulduru prospekts 19
2017/05     Private house reconstruction. Tecnical project BP. Riga, Zvejas street 14
2017/04     Reconstruction of an apartment building into an office building. Sketch proposal. Riga, Marijas iela 
2017/01     Public place renovation (1600m2 area) in comercial places. Riga, Grostonas street 1
2016/11     Reconstruction of an apartment building into an office building. Riga, Dzirnavu street 84
2016/11     Apartment reconstruction. Riga, Peldu street
2016/10     Building reconstruction for hostels. Riga, Piena street 13
2016/10     Renovation of the dental institution. Riga, Ganibu dambis 4
2016/09     Reconstruction of private house. Rīga, Stabu iela 66
2016/07     Proposal of camping and recreational building complex. Pechory, Pskov region, Russia
2016/02     Renovation of office premises 1000m2. Riga, Marijas street 13 k-2, k-3.
2015/12     Competition. Residential and office building proposal. Riga, Talsu street 7a
2015/10     Reconstruction of private house. Jelgava, Pumpura street 46
2015/06     Reconstruction of 2 apartment buildings. Riga, E.B.Upisa street 10
2015/04     Reconstruction of private house. Riga, M.Zolitudes street 12
2015/03     Private house. Jurmala, Brivibas prospekts 22
2015/02     Building of private houses - change project. Babītes novads, „Sīļukalni”
2015/01     Apartment building standard project for europa area. Riga, Latvia, Scandinavia
2014/11     Exclusive private house. Kekavas region, Daugmale, „Valaini”
2014/10     Reconstruction of private house. Jurmala, Kalpaka prospekts 17
2014/09     Warehouse building. Marupes region, Marupe, Plienciema street 35
2014/07     Private house. Garkalnes region, Baltezers, Ainavas street 8
2014/04     Chapel building. Tetele, Cenu region, Ozolnieku region
2014/03     Exclusive building of private houses. Marupes region, Marupe
2014/02     Private house. Kekavas region, Balozi, Meza street 6
2013/10     Residential house. Jurmala, Straumes street 2
2013/06     Renovation of the Institute of Biology. Salaspils, Miera street 3
2013/01     Reconstruction of private house. Riga, Ausmas street 9
2010/08     High school reconstruction. Rīga, Visvalža iela 4
2010/03     Residential house. Riga, Vecaku prospekts

2013-2012 Architect's office DO STUDIO Ltd. / architect

2013/01    Apartment and recreational building. Jurmala, Dzintaru prospekts 23
2012/10    Reconstruction of living house. Apartment and recreational building. Jurmala, Ceriņu street 3
2012/06    Exclusive private house. Jurmala, Kāapu street 149
2012/03    Complex of private houses. Jurmala, Ligatnes street 2
2012/02    Pension building. Jurmala, Kapu street 155/157
2012/01    Exclusive private house. Jurmala, Dubultu prospekts 111

2009-2003 Architect's office PALAST ARCHITEKTS, SC / architect

2009/05    Building reconstruction for hotel. Riga, Kaleu street 33, Audeju street 13 Technical project. TP
2009/03    Competition. Proposal of kindergarten. Sigulda, Nurmizu street 31
2009/02    Reconstruction of residential house. Riga, Ziemelu street 2a Technical project. TP
2009/01    Competition. Proposal of kindergarten. Carnikava, Gara street 20 / the 7TH place
2008/05    Building complex of residential houses. Jurmala, Muizas street 11 Draft sketches. SP
2008/03    Competition. Residential and office building proposal. Riga, Kr. Barona street 73 / 1ST prize
2008/02    Commercial and office building. Riga, Apuzes and Skrines street Sketch stage. PP
2008/01    Building reconstruction. Oldtown of Riga, Valnu street 23. Sketch stage. PP
2007/12    Residential and office building. Riga, Pernavas street 13 Technical project. TP
2007/11    Commercial building. Kraslava, Diku street 2a, 2. Sketch stage. PP
2007/11    Commercial building Cube City. Riga. Ieriku street 5. 
2007/11    Residential and office building. Riga, Kr. Barona street 89/91 Technical project. TP
2007/10    Residential house. Riga, Matisa street 86. Sketch stage. PP
2007/01    Competition. Residential and office building proposal. Riga, Ģertrudes street 85 / 1ST prize
2006/10    Complex of residential houses. Riga, Pludmales street. Sketch stage. PP
2006/09    Children's Dental and Surgery center. Riga, Dzirciema street 20. Sketch stage. PP
2006/07    Residential and office building. Riga, Kr.Valdemara street 137/139 Sketch stage. PP
2006/06    Reconstruction of private house. Rigas region, Carnikavas region, Gauja Technical project. TP . Realized 2008
2006/05    Competition. Residential and office building proposal. Riga, Kr. Barona street 89/91 / 1ST prize
2006/04    Compex of two family twin buildings. Riga, Pludmales street. Sketch stage. PP
2006/03    Complex of residential houses. Riga, Gramzdas and Anninmuizas streets. Sketch stage. PP
2006/02    Competition. Residential and office building proposal. Riga, Vidus street 5 / 1ST prize
2006/01    Complex of twin buildings and private houses. Riga, Jaunciema gatve. Technical project. TP
2005/12    Renovation of office building. Riga, O.Vaciesa street 65b Technical project. TP. Realized 2006
2005/10   Private house. Salas region, „Grauzes” Technical project. TP . Realized 2006
2005/11   Complex of residential, public and office buildings. Riga, Pampalu street 1. Draft sketches. SP
2005/11   Competition. Residential and office building proposal. Riga, E.Birznieka Upisa street / 3ST prize
2005/09   Rehabilitation and recreation complex centre. Jurmala, Burtnieku street 21. Draft sketches. SP
2005/05   Reconstruction of residential and office building. Jurmala, Dzintaru prospekts 14. Draft sketches. SP
2005/05   Competition. Residential and office building proposal. Jurmala, Lielupe, Burtnieku street 21 / 1ST prize
2005/03   Renovation of the apartment. Riga, Balozu street 1-8 Technical project. TP. Realized 2005
2005/03   Renovation of the Home kitchen Cafe. Riga, Martas street 9-19. Technical project. TP. Realized 2005
2005/02   Renovation of the office. Riga, Brivibas street 134-11. Technical project. TP . Realized 2005
2005/02   Complex of residential houses. Jelgava, Berzu road 34 Draft sketches. SP
2005/02   Competition. Residential and office building proposal. Riga, Krasta street / divided 1ST prize
2005/01   Clinical University Hospital of Childrens. Riga, Vienibas gatve 45. Sketch stage. PP
2004/12   Renovation of the administration building. Ogre, Dravnieku street 6. Technical project. TP. Realized 2005
2004/11   Residential and office buildings. Riga, Kalnciema street 9 Draft sketches. SP
2004/06   Residential house. Riga, Dzelzavas street Technical project. TP. Realized 2005
2004/03   Competition. Residential and office building proposal. Riga, Dz. Dudajeva street / 1ST prize
2004/03   Competition. Residential and office building proposal. Riga, Dzelzavas street / 1ST prize
2003/12   Renovation of the apartment. Riga, Brivibas street 134-6 Technical project. TP. Realized 2004
2003/11   Competition. Residential and office building proposal. Riga, Jurmalas gatves un Anninmuizas streets 
2003/10   Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Center  administration building. floor renovation. Riga, Lejupes street 3. Technical project. TP. Realized 2007
2003/10   Reconstruction of residential house. Riga, Skodas street 5 Technical project. TP. Realized 2005
2003/09   Renovation of the apartment. Riga, Slokas street 91/3 Technical project. TP. Realized 2003
2003/08   Renovation of staircase. Hipoteku bank. Riga, Doma square 2 Technical project. TP. Realized 2006
2003/08   Reconstruction of private house. Riga, Mezaparks, Hamburgas street 29 Technical project. TP. Realized 2004
2003/08   Renovation of the apartment. Jurmala, 29 Linija 1/11a Technical project. TP. Realized 2004
2003/08   Renovation of the apartment for hairdresser. Riga, Ilukstes street 109/1 Technical project. TP. Realized 2003
2003/08   Commercial building „Globuss”. Sigulda, Ventas street 1 Draft sketches. SP . Realized 2005
2003/07   Commercial building „Globuss”. Riga, Bikernieku street 21 Sketch stage. PP
2003/06   Building complex. Riga, Maza Juglas street. Technical project. TP. Realized 2004
2003/06   Commercial building „Globuss”. Riga, Unijas street 58. Technical project. TP. Realized 2004

2002-1999 Architect's office VALEINIS UN STEPE / architect's assistant

2000/2001    Tildes office. Reconstruction. Riga, Vienibas Gatve. / Realized
1999/2001    NIP /Nordic Industrial Park/ factory complex. Reconstruction. Olaine. / Realized
2002    Reconstruction of office building. „Sarkanais kvadrats” 4-5 building. Riga, Maskavas street 322/4-5. Draft sketches. SP / Dalība
2001/2002    Reconstruction of office building. „Sarkanais kvadrats” administration building. Riga, Maskavas street 322/3. Technical project. TP / Realized
2002    Reconstruction of residential house. Riga, Terbates un Lacplesa streets. Technical project. TP / Realized
2002    Private house. Jurmala. Draft sketches. SP 
2002    Reconstruction of private house. Riga. Technical project. TP / Realized
2001    Competition. Proposal of hotel reconstruction. Sigulda
2000/2002    Reconstruction of office building. Riga, 13. Janvara street.  / Realized

1999-1997 Architect's office ARMANDS BISENIEKS UN ARHITEKTI Ltd. and Architect's office PILSETPROJEKTS Ltd. / architect's assistant